Thursday 21/11/2019
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These last years Easy Guide has had a dynamic presence in the conference industry through its high-quality interpreting services.

Our partners are all experienced and accredited interpreters and our firm selects them according to appropriate criteria so that they will be effective and suit the requirements of specific customers. We cover all kinds and types of scientific, professional and business meetings, presentations, public events, negotiation talks, seminars, international conferences, factory visits etc., with a broad subject matter.

Interpreting can be:

1. Consecutive:

Select partners of ours are provided according to customers’ requirements concerning the place and mode of service delivery. It may be that more than one interpreter will be used depending on the workload or the number of languages involved. Consecutive interpreting requires a special know-how and an adequate comportment, because the interpreter is an extension of the speaker. Success of the event or the meeting depends heavily on the skills and demeanor of the interpreter and this is something Easy Guide staff are perfectly aware of.

2. Simultaneous

Our successful presence at many international conferences speaks for the quality of our services. For this type of interpreting, apart from other qualities such as excellent proficiency, top-class linguistic capabilities as well as readiness and discretion, the interpreters we work with have a multi-year experience using the interpreter booth.

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