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  Guided Tours

We cooperate with:

– Licensed tourist guides certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

– Licensed eco-guides.

– Special scientific partners.

All our partners have years of experience both in their subject matter and regarding the management of large or special groups of people. Easy Guide covers every field of interest that involves guiding throughout Greece and in most of the known languages.

More specifically our services include:

1. Historical Tourism: prehistoric, Classical, Byzantine sites and museums, Jewish heritage, Islamic monuments etc.

2. Alternative Tourism: wetlands, hiking, agritourism, ecotourism, folklore, national parks, birdwatching, etc.

3. Thematic Tourism: Conference, Religious, Sport, Spa, etc.

Planning of Guiding Programs

Preparation of special guiding programs for groups with special interests, tourism organizations, people with disabilities, VIP’s, seniors, pupils, foreign students, companies etc.

Easy Guide gives access to its services through our website.

Contact us through our website and we’ll plan the program that suits your requirements. Book your guide and pay by credit card, thus obtaining low prices and interest-free installments.

For more information and to browse through guiding options, click here.

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